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Jak 2 Renegade
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-Reverse Races 

To get this you must collect 135 orbs during game play.

-Level Select
To get this you must collect 145 orbs during game play.

-Unlimited Ammo
To get this you must collect 155 orbs during game play.

-Get Vulcan Fury
After suttle underground fighters go talk to Torn and he will say
here a vulcan barrel for that pee shooter of yours which is
blaster weapon.

-How to Get Special Technique Dark Bomb
After you collected 25 metal head skull gems go to the oracle and
this icon guide you there

Collect the following number of Orbs to unlock the cheat indicated
in the Secrets Menu
Unlock ORB
Toggle Jak's Goatee cheat 5 orbs
Mirror World cheat 15 orbs
Big head mode 30 orbs
Small Head Mode 45 orbs
Scrap Book 55 orbs
Scene Player Act 1 cheat 65 orbs
Vulcan Fury Course cheat 75 orbs
Scene Player Act 2 cheat 95 orbs
Peace Maker Gun Course cheat 105 orbs
Scene Player Act 3 cheat 125 orbs
Unlimited Dark Jak cheat 165 orbs
Invulnerability cheat 175 orbs
Hero Mode cheat 200 orbs
When this cheat is activated,
start a new game to begin with all
four morph guns attachments and an
alternate secrets list.
Alternate scrap book 200 orbs in Hero Mode

-Dark Jak vs Final Boss
After the cutscene before the final battle, hold R1 and you'll
transform (or stay as) Dark Jak, regardless of Dark Eco meter

-Gun Locations
Morph Gun: Scatter Gun. You get this on the mission for Krew where
you go with his bodyguard to take out metal heads. You have to
complete the shooting range first though.
It is just like a shotgun. Wide range, close combat etc.

Morph Gun: Blaster. Again given to you by Krew. This is a long
distance, single shot rifle, with decent firepower and laser
sighting. You get another shooting range with this.

Morph Gun: Vulcan Cannon. Yeah Baby!! This hell of a upgrade can
take down a wave of Krimson Guard before you can say, "Praxis is
a " Hold down R1 to turn this baby into a Gattling Gun. Watch your
ammunition supply though!

Morph Gun: Peacemaker.

-Praxis battle:
This is the one on the palace rooftops. Its not hard but its not
easy either.

First get your blaster and take any available shots, without
getting hit. When Praxis recharges get out the scatter gun and
jump+shoot. Repeat until yellow health. Then Praxis fires bombs.
Shoot a t him with blaster while dodging. When on red health,
avoid tornados and keep shooting. when he charges at you roll then
shoot. It'll be over before you know it!

-Complete securi-tank mission easy
I spent about an hour trying to beat this mission and I came out
with a pretty good strategy. In the first room it trys to shoot
you so move left and right alot. Then when it breaks the wall
start doing LONG JUMPS. When you roll press the jump button and
you'll go far, fast. This method will get the tank off your back.
Then use the bar to swing into the third room. use the platforms
to destroy the things in the middle then move on to the next room.
It is pretty easy there on. and in the end just let the tank
destroy the barrels.

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